• PUSD Special Education Department

15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA
858-521-2800 x2216 ~ FAX:858-485-1501
Theresa Kurtz, Director Secondary
Kathy Purcell, Director Elementary




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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Poway Unified School District Special Education Department. We look forward to working with you to identify the best placement that will meet the educational needs of your child. It is important to note that the enrollment process in our district begins with verification of residency at your neighborhood school. If you are not aware of which school is in your neighborhood, you may call the Planning Department at (858) 679-2570. You may also elect to go to the District website (www.powayusd.com), and do the following:

• Use the dropdown menu titled “Schools” on the information bar near the top of the page
• Select the “Boundary Maps” menu
• Then click on “Address Lookup” where you can enter your home address

Upon establishing proof of residence within the PUSD boundaries, the staff at your school of residence can advise you whether you can enroll your student there or if you must contact the special education staff at the district office for your student’s placement. At that point, the special education staff will be glad to meet with you to review all the pertinent information, including two proofs of residency, assessment information and your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) to determine the appropriate placement for your child.


Kathy Purcell                                                           Theresa Kurtz
Director, Elementary                                                   Director, Secondary
Special Education                                                       Special Education


15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA
858-521-2800 x2216  ~   FAX:858-485-1501
Theresa Kurtz, Director Secondary 858-521-2822 tkurtz@powayusd.com
Kathy Purcell, Director Elem. 858-521-2824 kpurcell@powayusd.com
Doyan Howard, Assistant Director 858-521-2823 dhoward@powayusd.com
Kelly Crandall, Administrative Assistant 858-521-2821 lcramdall@powayusd.com
Kathy Meyer, Budget/Contracts 858-521-2800x2217 kameyer@powayusd.com
Maria Amaya, Administrative Assistant 858-521-2800x2819 mamaya@powayusd.com

15250 Avenue of Science, San Diego, CA
858-521-2800 x2216  ~   FAX:858-485-1501

858-521-2800 Main number with extensions

Micki Krupinski, ISSA  858-521-2800x2207 lijohnson@powayusd.com
Elaine Montesano, Office Assistant 858-521-2800x2216 emontesano@powayusd.com
Jan Simpson, Vocational Dev. 858-521-2814 jsimpson@powayusd.com
Gayle Clark, Vocational Dev. 858-521-2813 gingram@powayusd.com
Susan Wilson, Vocational Dev. 858-521-2818 swilson@powayusd.com
Debbie Sweezey, Office Assistant 858-521-2817 dsweezey@powayusd.com
Program Specialists ~ Location: DO
Sara Nielsen 858-521-2800x2212 snielsen@powayusd.com
Tiffany King 858-521-2800 x2815 tiking@powayusd.com
Jill Gonzalez 858-521-2800 x2211 jgonzalez@powayusd.com
Betsy Johnson 858-521-2800 x2213 ebjohnson@powayusd.com
Judy Monday 858-521-2800 x2214 jmonday@powayusd.com
Geralyn Murray 858-484-8661 x3723 gmurray@powayusd.com
Jodi Payne 858-521-2800 x2210 jpayne@powayusd.com
Debra Kimble-Manalo 858-521-2800 x2816 dkimblemanalo@powayusd.com
Helen Williams 858-521-2800 x2215 hwilliams@powayusd.com


Adapted Physical Education ~ Location: DO
Kevin Armbruster, Teacher 858-668-4121 karmbruster@powayusd.com
Jeff Creese, Teacher 858-668-4166 jcreese@powayusd.com
John Downing, Teacher 858-668-4120 jodowning@powayusd.com
Jill Haverly, Teacher 858-668-4134 jhaverly@powayusd.com
Brad Schipke, Teacher 858-748-0010 x4082 bschipke@powayusd.com
Bryanna Wehr, Teacher 858-668-4145 bwehr@powayusd.com
Jean Young, Teacher
Assistive Technology ~
Location: 8707 Adobe Bluffs Drive, EB-34
Katie Didia 858-484-8661 x3702 kdidia@powayusd.com
Megan Utech 858-484-8661 x3702 mutech@powayusd.com
Autism Specialists ~
Location: 8707 Adobe Bluffs Drive EB-33
Jenna Sleichter 858-484-8661 x3722 jsleichter@powayusd.com
Linda Reeve 858-484-8661 x3725 lreeve@powayusd.com
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
Location: 9550 Carmel Mountain Road (MCHS Z10)
Sabine Munshi, Teacher 858-484-1180 x3710 nsimpson@powayusd.com
Lisa Schick, Teacher 858-484-1180 x3708 lschick@powayusd.com
Nancy Simpson, Teacher 858-484-1180 x3709 nsimpson@powayusd.com
Gwen Suennen, Teacher 858-484-1180 x3706 gsuennen@powayusd.com
Leslie Marek, Office Assistant 858-484-1180 x3707 lmarek@powayusd.com
Health Services ~ DO
Gayle Cohen, Resource Nurse 858-521-2805 gcohen@powayusd.com
Judy French, Resource Nurse 858-521-2806 jfrench@powayusd.com
Michelle Gerrity, Resource Nurse 858-521-2807 mgerrity@powayusd.com
Barbara Hockman, Resource Nurse 858-521-2809 bhockman@powayusd.com
Lori Garcia, Office Specialist 858-521-2812 lgarcia@powayusd.com
Karen Sanchez, Resource Nurse 858-521-2810 ksanchez@powayusd.com
Cathy Schmitz, Resource Nurse 858-521-2808 cschmitz@powayusd.com
Beth Anderson, Resource Nurse 858-521-2811 banderson@powayusd.com
Theresa Crosby, Resource Nurse 858-521-2808 tcrosby@powayusd.com
Inclusion Specialists ~ Location: 8707 Adobe Bluffs Drive, EB-35
Kathy Crouch, Teacher 858-484-8661 x3703 kcrouch@powayusd.com
Dena Riedl, Teacher 858-484-8661 x3704 driedl@powayusd.com
 Mental Health Case Manager ERMHS ~ Location: DO
Jill Gonzalez 858-521-2800 x2211 jgonzalez@powayusd.com
Non-Public School Case Manager ~ Location: DO
Sandra Cummings 858-521-2800x2208 scummings@powayusd.com
Samantha Bailey 858-613-9080 X4709 sbailey@powayusd.com
Laura Mueller 858-521-2800x2241 lmueller@powayusd.com
Parent Facilitator
Gina Hull-Zanolini 858-668-4191 gzanolini@powayusd.com
Preschool Assessment Team
Location: 8707 Adobe Bluffs Drive, EB-33 - Fax:  858-484-8595
Debjani Bose, Office Assistant   dbpse@powayusd.com
Geralyn Murray, Program Specialist 858 484-8661 x3723 gmurray@powayusd.com
Private School Placements ~ Location:  8707 Adobe Bluffs Drive  EB-31 
Rebecca O'Day 858-484-8661 X3720 roday@powayusd.com
Visually Impaired Program
Location: Poway High School and Meadowbrook Middle School ~ Fax: 858 748-4314
Sue Scheffers, Teacher 858-748-0245 x5163 sscheffers@powayusd.com
Jana Schwerdtfeger, Teacher 858-748-0245 x5163 jschwerdtfeger@powayusd.com
Kathy Kaser, Braille Transcriber 858-748-0245 x5163 kkaser@powayusd.com