Business Support Services

Malliga Tholandi, Associate Superintendent

Janay Greenlee, Director
Phone: 858-748-0010 x2544

Blanca Wolf, Assistant Director
Phone: 858-748-0010 x2784

(858) 748-0010 x2183

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create customer satisfaction by providing value and proficiency to each purchase request while adhering to District policy and applicable State Purchasing laws. .

Position Name Phone Email
Director Janay Greenlee (858)748-0010 ext.2788
Assistant Director
Blanca Wolf
(858)748-0010 ext.2784
Warehouse Worker Jim LaJeunesse (858)748-0010 ext 2183
Warehouse Worker Frank Serna (858)748-0010 ext 2183
Warehouse Worker Carl Pino (858)748-0010 ext 2183
Warehouse Worker Arthur Hall (858)748-0010 ext 2183