Business Support Services

Malliga Tholandi, Associate Superintendent

Facilities, Maintenance and Operations

13626 Twin Peaks Road - Building 900 Poway, CA 92064

Mike Tarantino, Director, Phone: 858-679-2526 Fax 858-486-4197

Barbie Shrier-Administrative Assistant 858-748-0010 x2148
Dusha Banovic,, External Facility Use Phone: 679-2661; Fax 858-486-4197

Emergency Line 858-679-2567 (during school hours)
After Hours: Maintenance/Vandalism: Dale Mansker (858) 774 6706
Grounds: Jose Munoz (858) 774-6703 Mike Tarantino: 858-774-6701



Our Vision

We are a diverse, empowered, cohesive team, recognized as a world-class support service dedicated to all students learning. We provide the best facilities, resources and services in the most effective and efficient manner. We achieve this vision through teamwork that values and rewards communication, respect, trust and innovation.

Maintenance and Operations Directory

Position Name Phone Email
Director of FMO Mike Tarantino (858)748-0010 ext:2526
Deferred Maintenance; site Improvements; Maintenance Contracts; Site Funded Projects; Paving, Asphalt, Concrete; Flooring; Contractual Services
Administrative Assistant Barbie Shrier (858)748-0010 ext:2148
Assistant Director of Facilities Carl Rossi (858)748-0010 ext:2108
Project Management Specialist Mike Hatch (858)748-0010 ext:2140
Environmental Safety Technician Christine Pawlik (858)748-0010 ext:2170
Environmental Waste Management; Pest Control; Indoor Air Quality; Animal Removal; Hazardous Waste
Purchasing Assistant Carolyn Hood (858)748-0010 ext:2634
Purchase Orders; Emergency Hotline (School Use Only);
Trash Pick-up; Equipment Repair

Facility Use

Work orders Barbie Shrier (858)748-0010 ext:2148
External/Internal Facilities Use Dusha Banovic ext:2661
sub custodians Gigi Marquez (858)748-0010 ext:2152